Why do The RAMMYS matter?
The RAMMYS have become the most prestigious award presented to members of the food and beverage industry in the Washington Metropolitan region. The Awards truly celebrate excellence at all levels of the growing industry and are the one night of the year the foodservice community comes together to honor one another. 

Why do I need to nominate my restaurant? Won't RAMW include me as a member in the nominations even if I don't enter submissions?  
Good question. The judges will consider all restaurants and companies for RAMMYS nominations who are RAMW members in good standing. However, there is no guarantee that the judges will add your restaurant to the running for a specific category if you do not self-nominate. The nominations process is a key step in the RAMMY Awards wherein members tell the judges what categories they think they are most eligible for and would like to be considered. It helps the judges understand that your establishment prefers to identify as Upscale Casual instead of Formal Fine Dining, for example. It is also a step during which much critical information is collected, such as how long a restaurant has been open, how long your chef or pastry chef has worked in the DC region, who your 2019 RAMMYS contact should be for this restaurant, and who your current PR team might be. If you are hoping to be considered for the Awards, it is essential that your establishment submits nominations. 

Why is The RAMMYS only open to RAMW members? 
The RAMMYS are the annual fundraiser for the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW). Funds raised through sponsorships and ticket sales for The RAMMYS go to support the activities of the Association throughout the year. RAMW is a membership-based trade association and the official voice of the restaurant and foodservice industry in the Metropolitan Washington region. The Association is an advocate, resource, and community for its members who support the organization through annual membership dues. Funds raised via The RAMMYS further support the legislative, regulatory, and business support activities which are a direct benefit to members. The RAMMYS celebrate the members of RAMW and with 900 members through the region, choosing finalists and winners is not an easy task for the judges. Any restaurant or professional hoping to be considered for a RAMMY Award may become a member at any time at www.ramw.org. Membership dues are affordable and are priced on a sliding scale to accommodate any budget. 

If I won last year, can I win again?
Yes, but not in the same category. Winners are not eligible to be finalists again in the same category for five years. 

If I was a finalist last year, can I be a finalist again this year?
Yes. Any finalist who was not named the winner of the category is eligible to be a finalist again. Winners are not eligible to be finalists again in the same category for five years. 

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, any eligible RAMW member in good standing can nominate themselves or their restaurant. 

Can I nominate others?
Yes, anyone can nominate eligible RAMW members in good standing.

Will I receive a confirmation email once I have submitted my nomination?

Can I edit an entry once it has been submitted?
No. Once you enter a submission as complete, you cannot make changes to the submission. However, if you need to stop part way through a submission form, you may save the submission as "incomplete" so that you can come back to edit and add to it later. The incomplete submission will remain in the system with that status until you hit complete.  

Can I enter one restaurant into multiple categories?
Yes, you are encouraged to nominate yourself, your restaurant, and your staff for any categories in which you are eligible.

Is there a way to copy a submission so that I don't have to type in the restaurant name and address over and over again if I am submitting multiple nominations? 
Yes. Once you submit your first nomination, click on the "See My Submissions" link which appears under the thank you message. OR, you can alternatively click on the "My Applications" link on the left side. There you will be able to view your completed submissions.

To duplicate an entry so that you can enter a restaurant in another category, click on the "copy" link on the right side. This will allow you to copy an entire submission's information and apply the new copy to a different category. Any questions that do not apply to the new category will not appear. This is a great way to save time if you are nominating a single restaurant for many categories. 

Will I be notified if someone else nominates me?
No. If you are unsure if you have been nominated we recommend that you nominate yourself or your restaurant to be sure you are in the running.

Can I include photos, press releases, or other supporting materials with my nomination?
No. Supporting materials are not accepted beyond the information on the submission form.

Can I be nominated more than once for the same category if multiple people nominate me?
You can be nominated multiple times, but it does not help your chances of becoming a finalists. Only one complete nomination is evaluated by the judges.

Does it ultimately matter who nominates me? Does the credibility or title of the nominator carry any weight with the judges? 
It does not matter who nominates you, however, the judges will narrow down the submissions to just one submission for a restaurant or individual per category. If there are submissions for the same restaurant in the same category from many different nominators, the judges will use the most informative, credible, and detailed submission as the official nomination to be judged. Therefore, it is more likely that the submission sent by the chef, manager, owner, or public relations team for a restaurant will be the submission used for judging as these nominators tend to be more informed about the restaurant or individual than the general public might be. 

Should I ask my friends, family, and customers to nominate my restaurant?
You can be nominated multiple times, but it does not help your chances of becoming a finalist. Only one complete nomination is evaluated by the judges.

What media opportunities are there for finalists?
RAMW creates an extensive lineup of media opportunities during The RAMMYS season that may include print media, television and radio spots, and other promotional opportunities.

Why am I asked to give the name and contact information for my PR team?
There are many media and promotional opportunities available to finalists during The RAMMYS season. It is helpful for RAMW to be able to additionally contact your PR team so that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

Who are the judges?
Click here to view information about eligibility and judging.

How are the judges picked?
Click here to view information about eligibility and judging.

How do I know if I am eligible?
Click here to view information about eligibility and judging. 

What are the criteria for each category?
Click here to view the 2019 category criteria.

Is there a monetary prize for being a finalist or winner?
No, winners receive the recognition as well as an engraved award to display as they wish.

Who may I contact should I have any questions about The RAMMYS that are not answered here?
Please email therammys@ramw.org with any questions.

Can I be a sponsor of The RAMMYS?
YES! Over 80 sponsors support the RAMMYS each year. Sponsors receive a reserved table at the event or tickets, and enjoy marketing visibility for their brands at the event, via event materials, and in RAMW’s many platforms leading up to The RAMMYS. View sponsorship opportunities.

Who goes to The RAMMYS?
Everyone! Restaurateurs, managers, chefs, cooks, bartenders, servers and staff, food and beverage distributors, industry vendors and hospitality partners, elected officials, community partners, and sponsors from all industries. 

How do I vote for a publicly voted category?
In March, NBC4 will host online voting for the publicly voted categories. Fans and friends are encouraged to vote for their picks at www.NBCwashington.com/RAMMYS. The restaurant finalists may additionally host voting widgets on their company websites where the public can vote. Each email address is limited to one vote.

Are there any new categories this year?
There are no new categories in 2018, however RAMW introduced 7 new categories in 2014.



Please email us at therammys@ramw.org